Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank You for the Wonderful Dental Love Stories!

I have had a few people ask me, "Why are you posting stories about other dentists on your blog? Why do you want to give press to your competitors?"

As I said in my original post that announced the I Love My Dentist Contest, you can find lots of "dental horror" stories online. People Tweet about how they dislike visiting the dentist and how uncomfortable it makes them.

But many wonderful dentists do exist -- and they work day in and day out to change their patients' lives for the better, often with little recognition.

The I Love My Dentist contest is my way of spreading good will within the dental community and to introduce you to dentists who do provide exceptional care.

If you're currently seeing a dentist who makes you feel uncomfortable, causes pain, or has failed to keep up with technological advances in dental care, then find a new one. I've featured seven of them already -- and have lots more for next week!

I'll be wrapping up the campaign Friday, April 24, so if you haven't already, send in your story!

(The photo is of me and my patient, Frank, whose story you can read on my Website.)

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Steve said...

Great post - I love my dentist as well!