Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Patient Receives Spa Treatments at the Dentist Office

You can find lots of articles about dental practices that also offer day-spa type treatments such as massage or aromatherapy. (My Boston-based practice is dental spa, for example.)

Dental patient Ali Hammer, of Borakas Public Relations, loves her dentists, Dr. Brandon and Dr. Aaron Cooley, of Cooley Smiles in Bellevue, Washington for this very reason. Not only does she receive great dental care, but she also gets paraffin hand dips!

Ali writes, "Before finding Cooley Smiles, I had the same dentist since childhood, but when I moved away for college and work, I started going to Cooley Smiles and was amazed by their service.

"The brothers, Dr. Brandon and Dr. Aaron, are very skilled dentists. I've gone to them for three years and they have filled a few cavities for me. I was nervous as I had never had a filling or for that matter, a cavity, but they put me at ease and provided a nearly painless procedure.

"I like their mix of cosmetic and general family dentistry because I feel like the doctors are very knowledgeable in both the scientific and artistry sides of the profession. And, there's nothing like a paraffin hand dip while having your teeth cleaned!

"I love these guys and rave about them to all my friends and coworkers!"

Regularly voted Seattle's best dentists, Cooley Smiles offers Invisalign, full mouth reconstruction, and dental implants. Ali, thank you for your story!


Murry said...

Nice review for Cooley Smiles. And they have a nice website. Do you know if they offer 3D X-rays? If so, they can be entered into my fast growing directory of enlightened dentists:

Right now, only Orbit in Seattle is listed:

If Cooley sends patients to Orbit or another CBCT center, I'll list Cooley if I can quote them.

Helaine Smith, DMD said...


I don't know if they offer 3D Xrays. I'd contact the office directly.