Monday, April 6, 2009

Tell Me Why You Love Your Dentist -- And Get Featured on This Blog!

I noticed awhile ago that many people post on Twitter that they're either afraid to visit the dentist . . . or even worse, that they hate their dentists. (You can read my earlier post, "Why Do Consumers Consider Dentists Satan . . . or Worse?")

All this got me to thinking . . . why not celebrate those dentists who do provide optimal care to their patients -- and the patients who love them?

For the month of April, I'm running a contest: send me your story about why you love your dentist. You can write about your dentist on your blog, record a brief video (in either case, send me the link!) or simply send me your story via email.

Even better, send me a picture of yourself with your dentist plus a link to his or her Website.

I'll be featuring your stories through the month of April. At the end of April, I'll post the top three winning stories -- with photos of patients and their dentists -- as well as a report on the top reasons why people love visiting and remain loyal to their dentists.

In addition to being featured on the blog, you'll also receive an "I Love My Dentist" badge which you can add to your Facebook page or blog.

It's time dentists received some recognition for the great work they do -- and the fact that many patients do indeed love their dentists. Please send me your stories to

Be sure to connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter -- I'll be publishing updates all month.


Dr. Eric said...

I won't speak for my patients, but you can see what they have to say! I love what you are doing Dr. Smith... its up to us to create the positive side to exceptional dentistry! (we can't let the news media do it without our help) - Eric Vanek, DDS

Helaine Smith, DMD said...


Please have one of your patients send in a story -- and include a picture of you with your patient. Would love to feature it on the blog!