Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Love My Dentist Story Contest Winners

I have really enjoyed reading people's stories about why they love their dentists, so it was really hard to choose three winners -- because all of the stories were so good! However, after much consideration, Im please to announce the winners:

First place: Cindy Ludwig / Dr. Reid Clark -- "Patient Loses Fear of Visiting the Dentist"

Second place: Robin MacDonald / Dr. Eric Vanek -- "Dentist Helps Patient Out of 'Dark Cave' of Oral Health"

Third place: Tanya Kormeili, MD / Dr. Poneh Ghasri -- "California Dermatologist Explains Why She Loves her Dentist"

After reading the stories again, I understood the reasons why people love their dentists (and it has nothing to do with filling cavities):

1. Exceptional dentists eliminate all fear -- As a few of the contestants wrote, they were afraid to visit the dentist due to dental trauma from childhood. I understand this fear because many patients write to me telling me how they haven't visited the dentist in years because of fear.

Great dentists eliminate this fear through various methods: communicating with patients and using techniques and technologies to reduce pain. Dental procedures don't have to hurt -- and dentists should not be causing people trauma.

2. Exceptional dentists provide advanced procedures -- When it comes to dentistry, everything matters, from the office setting to the dentist's chairside manner. But most important, however, great dentists practice modern dentistry, whether it's one-visit crowns, dental implants or full mouth reconstruction. Dentists can no longer simply fill cavities.

3. Exceptional dentists provide exceptional care -- As many people pointed out in their stories, they loved their dentists because they had a personal one-on-one relationship with them. This relationship is what makes the difference between a good dentist and an exceptional dentist.

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