Monday, April 20, 2009

California Dermatologist Explains Why She Loves Her Dentist

Dentists form relationships with many other medical professionals and because one is in the "trade," you carefully choose those professionals to whom you send clients.

I love the following story because it shows how two medical professionals are providing superior care to patients -- and how this care is transforming people's lives.

Tanya Kormeili, MD, a Board Certified Dermatologist, met her current dentist, Dr. Poneh Ghasri, at UCLA when she was a busy dental student and Tanya an over-worked medical student. Of course, as “nerdness” would have it, they met at the Biomedical library!

Tanya writes, "Despite her busy schedule, Dr. Ghasri took such a sincere interest in me as a patient even as a dental student. You see, after a long complicated experience with braces as a child, I used to have nightmares about 'my teeth falling out.'

"I was, and still am, obsessed with my teeth -– their health and appearance. But, I was paranoid to have anyone else working in my mouth. I had lost all trust and faith in dentists by the time my braces were taken off.

"After hours of careful cleaning, x-rays, examination and careful treatment planning, I realized that Dr. Ghasri was no ordinary dentist. Her calming, gentle feminine demeanor, combined with her knowledge and dedication to perfection, made her my extraordinary dentist.

"I not only have perfect, cavity-free teeth, but I began to feel comfortable to do Invisilign to clean up the mess from my previous dental disaster. I began to send her my family members and friends, and unanimously they all agreed: she is fantastic!"

Tanya goes on to say that she and Dr. Ghasri began to refer patients to each other. The patients who had beautiful skin and rejuvenated lips due to cosmetic surgery wanted a better healthier smile. Conversely, Dr. Ghasri's patients who had full mouth reconstruction, gummy-smiles or cosmetic concerns regarding their aging face, began to visit Tanya as their dermatologist.

Reports Tanya, "A whole new level of respect and admiration developed as I began to work with Dr. Ghasri as a colleague. Her patients all loved her; their results were all gorgeous, and above all, they all agreed she was 'so sweet.' Indeed, my patients began to thank me for this referral to see her as well. They felt so comfortable with her; the combination of her expertise and high ethics and kindness, makes her not just a wonderful colleague, but my fabulous family dentist.

"Thank you Dr. Ghasri!"

Dr. Ghasri is located at 6200 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1508, Los Angeles, California.

Tanya, thank you for your story. Dr. Ghasri sounds fabulous. I'm glad you were able to form a such a rewarding relationship with her.

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