Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dentist in Indiana is "Better than Dentists in NY"!

Sheryl Matthys, Founder of Leashes and Lovers (an online networking/friendship/dating site for dog lovers!) "loves, loves, loves" her dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Mader in South Bend Indiana -- even though Sheryl lives in New York!

"Dr. Mader is more than 700 miles away but whenever I visit my parents, it usually includes getting my teeth cleaned. I live in NYC and believe me -- the dentists here do not compare -- I've tried them and went back to Dr. Mader.

"Why? Because he is THE BEST. He has all the tools in his office so there is no waiting or coming back to get a porcelain overlay, he has goggles that play videos so while you get your teeth cleaned, you're watching a movie. He's always up to date on the latest technology and knows how to implement it. And, he numbs your gums so you never feel any pain . . . in short, he always makes me smile."

Sheryl, thank you for sharing your story. For those of you in South Bend, Indiana, be sure to check out Dr. Mader's Website. A modern dentist, Dr. Mader offers Cerac one-visit crowns, digital X-rays, implants, and general dentistry.

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