Thursday, April 16, 2009

Canada Has Wonderful Dentists, Too

Wilf Seymour, Executive Chef for Canada's Wonderland, lives in Toronto, Canada, and writes to say that you "won't find a better dentist in the world," than Dr. Jay McKenzie, of Whistler Dental.

Says Wilf, "I use to live in Whistler BC Canada and when I first moved to Whistler I was afraid of going to the dentist. It took me two years before I would walk into Jay's office and now that I live in Toronto (across the country), any chance I have to visit Whistler, I also visit Jay.

"His office is located in Whistler Village and overlooks the beautiful Rainbow Mountain; that means almost any day is a beautiful day to go into the office for a check up or even a root canal!"

Wilf also explains why Dr. McKenzie is a thoroughly modern dentist: "The first time I got a cap (crown) on a tooth it took 2 weeks to get everything done. The next time I needed one, Dr. McKenzie and his team were able to do everything in the office and I could watch the (Cerac) machine making my new tooth -- very cool!

"I imagine a lot of people know great dentists, but not many of them are like Jay. I did try to find a new dentist in Toronto, but have not had much luck. Plus, it's well worth the trip across country to see a guy like Jay. I know he would be hard for any other dentist to beat."

Dr. McKenzie has a great Website -- including video of him skiing! In addition to general dentistry, Dr. McKenzie provides cosmetic dentistry including Cerac crowns, veneers, and implants.

He also has a great sense of humor, as seen by his winning "window dressing" entry for the Whistler Chamber of Commerce. If you're in the Whistler area, check him out. Thank you for sharing your story, Wilf. (Photos (c) Dr. Jay McKenzie.)

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