Friday, April 10, 2009

Dentist Helps Patient Out of "Dark Cave" of Oral Health

Randi, front office coordinator for Dr. Eric Vanek, sent in this patient testimonial from Robin MacDonald in Santa Ana, California:

"Dr. Vanek helped me emerge from a dark cave into the sunlight of oral health. No one is more frightened of "the dentist" than I, and now after a remarkable transformation, I actually look forward to my dental appointments...Words can never adequately express my gratitude to all!"

Robin was so thrilled with her treatment, she sent Dr. Vanek a handwritten testimonial!

Dr. Vanek is a true modern dentist or mouth physician who believes in educating his patients as well as providing optimal care. On his Website you'll find free reports about various dental procedures and a newsletter plus podcasts and a YouTube video.

If you're in Orange County, be sure to give him a call.

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