Monday, April 27, 2009

Eight Year Old Boy Loves His Dentist

Today is the last "I Love My Dentist" story. I saved this one for last because it's written by Aidan Thomas Hornaday, age eight. According to Aidan's mother, Aidan talked about his dentist at a media event and even handed out some of his cards -- which he keeps in an harmonica case!

Writes Aidan:

"My dentist, Dr. Ashish Patel, is the happiest dentist on the earth. His office is full of happy people and I love to go there. I feel good about my teeth there. And I feel good about myself there.

"I get my teeth cleaned and then I see Dr. Patel smiling and so happy to be looking in my mouth. He is the best dentist and has cool things in his office like headsets to listen to my favorite DVDs.

"I can tell he cares about me and my family. Even with hard stuff, like my mom's new crowns he was sweet and his machines are awesome. So if someone got a mouth full of cavities, I would say to go to Dr. Patel because he cares and he loves his patients.
"Even in the waiting room I watch amazing nature shows on his big screen. So it's not bad going there, it's great. They have done everything great that you can think of. It's all there. I am his happy patient."

Aidan, I'm glad you've found a wonderful dentist who knows how to give you exceptional care -- and that you won't grow up fearing the dentist. Dr. Patel should be proud that he has a patient like you.

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