Monday, April 13, 2009

Patient Drives 200 Miles to See His Dentist

Finding good service providers, such as doctors, plumbers, and even auto technicians, can take some work. When you find a good person, you want to hang on to them -- forever.

One woman I know used to drive 50+ miles every four weeks just to get her hair cut -- that is how much she loved her hair stylist.

Easan Katir, an investment advisor who also runs a news Website, is no different in that he loves his dentist -- and is willing to drive 200 miles to see him.

Easan writes, "My dentist, Dr. Paramjit Singh Everest, does very competent work, has a great chairside manner, explains all the options for a problem, then explains them over again when I need the information. He doesn't pressure me for high-priced treatments.

"He's also very skillful with pain management. Example: a few years ago I wanted a tooth extracted. I was sitting in the chair, and he was bustling about, preparing for the procedure. I asked him, 'So when are you going to pull the tooth?' and he replied, 'I did it already.' Now that's a good dentist."

Dr. Everest practices in Yuba City, California. His family was voted Family of the Year in 2005 -- in part for the free medical care Everest provides to those in need at the Sikh Temple in Yuba City.

Thank you, Easan, for your wonderful story!

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I travel 180 miles see Dr Smith. She is caring and professional and will always give you the time you need. We now have some of our neighbors making the same trip. When you find the best it is always nice to be able to share with your friends.

Doris Pinhack, Cape Cod, MA

Helaine Smith, DMD said...


You know I love you and Frank. Thank you for stopping by the blog and for your very nice words.