Sunday, December 21, 2008

New E-Book: Keep Your Body Healthy . . . Brush Your Teeth

If I were to ask you how to keep your body healthy, you would most likely answer "diet and exercise," "live a healthy lifestyle," or "don't smoke."

Yet, if I told you that your number one tool for preventing disease is right in your bathroom, you might start laughing.

It's true -- your toothbrush, that light-weight, colorful piece of plastic, is your secret weapon in prolonging your life and keeping your body healthy.

It's only been recently that researchers have discovered that gum disease (also known as periodontal disease), can lead to all sorts of complications, including miscarriages and low-birth weight babies, pneumonia in the elderly, diabetes, and even heart disease.

It stands to reason that our oral health affects our physical health: our mouths are full of bacteria -- bacteria that don't stay put in our months!

In Keep Your Body Healthy . . . Brush Your Teeth!, you'll learn how periodontal disease affects your whole body health and how you can ensure your mouth -- and by extension, your body -- is happy and healthy for years to come.

This is a free e-book -- absolutely no registration required. Simply click the link to download your copy, forward to friends, or post on your blog.

I'm very passionate about educating my patients and the public about oral health and am very happy to provide information about periodontal disease in an easy-to-read, fun e-book that explains the disease, why everyone needs to be aware of it, and how to prevent it (hint: go brush your teeth!).

I welcome your feedback!