Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Relationship Between Oral and Physical Health

Scientific American published a special edition of their magazine. Titled, "Oral and Whole Body Health," the publication features articles on the relationship between one's oral and physical health.

To put it more simply, what happens in your mouth can and does affect the rest of your body.

To quote from one of the articles, "Researchers are discovering that out-of-control inflammation [gum disease] may prove to be the engine that drives an ever-growing list of greatly feared, chronic illnesses from clogged arteries and heart attacks to arthritis and cancer" -- and even low birth weight babies!

This topic is something I've become passionate about in recent years. Unfortunately, the fields of medicine and dentistry have always maintained their own "side of the fence," but as a dentist, it's always been a "duh" idea to me that your oral health affects your physical health.

I'll be posting more about this topic in the coming months. It's a hot topic and one everyone should know more about.

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