Thursday, January 17, 2008

New ADA Oral Longevity Brochure and DVD Available

The American Dental Association (ADA) started their OralLongevity initiative last September. The initiative is "designed to increase awareness about the need to enhance and preserve the oral health of older Americans."

For many older Americans, dental health becomes neglected as seniors lose their ability to drive or walk without help. Many end up in nursing homes or as shut-ins. However, dental care is just as imporant when you're 88 as it is when you're 38.

To address these issues, the ADA recently made available a brochure and DVD geared for dental professionals, seniors, and their care givers. According to the ADA Website, "the OralLongevity brochure and DVD includes searchable chapters on a variety of oral health topics, such as aging dentition, daily mouth care, nutrition, dry mouth and more."

Download the brochure and the DVD.

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