Thursday, January 24, 2008

Women Turn to the Internet for Health Information

In a press release dated January 22, 2008, comScore released results from a recent study which shows that:

. . . second only to consulting physicians, women turn most often to the Internet for health information. Eighty-five percent of women using the Internet have researched women’s health issues online while two out of three (63 percent) have used the Internet specifically to learn about birth control options.

I have seen this in my own practice. Women routinely search for dental information online -- everything from crowns to veneers -- and then call the office. It's one reason I continually add educational content, such as podcasts and newsletters, to my site -- as well as maintaining this blog.

As the comScore release points out, women are proactive consumers -- and it behooves healthcare providers to provide the information they're seeking.

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