Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Debate About Fluoride Continues

Last week, Ruscombe Green posted a lenghty blog entry about fluoride.

The anti-fluoride brigade believes fluoride causes all sorts of things, namely flourois, or staining of the teeth. Other people think fluoride causes cancer, but no link has been discovered. (However, you can get throat cancer from something far less innocent than fluoride.)

As a dentist, I think fluoride is great -- in fact, I grew up in NY, a state that adds fluoride to its water. Yes, some kids do get stained teeth from too much fluoride; however, no fluoride means decayed teeth.

If fluoride isn't in the water, you have to give it to your child in pill form every night -- unless you're willing to have your child develop a mouthful of cavities. It's simply easier to add it to the water.

What do you think? Should fluoride be banned from public water systems?

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