Monday, March 3, 2008

New YouTube Video: Painless Injections

Do you not visit the dentist because just the thought of the needle scares you to death?

You're not alone.

In this new YouTube video, I discuss how I ease patients' fears by using the Comfort Control Syringe. It takes away the image of the big scary stainless needle and makes the injection almost painless.

In fact, when I use it, patients often don't realize they're receiving the injection. (This makes me very happy!)


Dental Thornhill said...

Thanks for the informative video. Most patients have fear of the appearance of the large stainless steel syringe that you mentioned. This device looks a lot less intimidating.

Dentist Richmond Hill said...

Perhaps the number one fear that patients have when visiting the dentist is the needle. I constantly get asked by my patients prior to a procedure is whether they need to get the needle. This tool will do wonders in making patients feel more comfortable and at ease.