Monday, February 25, 2008

"Dental Wii" for Designing False Teeth

An article in the Boston Globe talks about a new technology from SensAble Technologies that helps dental labs design partial sets of false teeth using 3D technology.

SensAble issued a release about the new technology at the Chicago Dental Society midwinter show last Friday.

Dentistry is quickly moving to 3D technologies -- yet many labs employ technicians who use non-digital techniques they've spent decades perfecting. According to SensAble, their new technology will help labs "ease into" digital restorations.

For dentists, it will decrease the number of chairside adjustments that have to be made to partial restorations that come from the lab.

3D technology is already in use in the dental office. In my office, for example, I'm able to develop crowns in one visit using Sirona's CEREC machine, which employs 3D technology.

You can view the CEREC machine via the virtual tour of my office. (Click on "treatment room" once you enter the virtual tour, and then click the "info" button at the bottom of the treatment room page.)

You can also learn more about how this machine is benefiting patients.

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