Monday, March 31, 2008

Successful Smiles a Blog to Watch for Spring 2008

The Virtual Woman's Day blog recently posted a list of the top 96 women bloggers to watch for Spring 2008 -- and I'm honored to say that this blog made that list.

It's a fabulous list of women bloggers -- be sure to check them out. Here are links to five of them:

Back in Skinny Jeans with Stephanie Quilao

Woman Start Your Business Now with Amanda M. Gladden

Small Business Trends with Anita Campbell

The Stealth Networker Blog by Liz Lynch

The Expertise Marketplace by Suzanne Low


Virtual Woman's Day said...

Thanks for mentioning Virtual Woman's Day and for being a Woman to WATCH! Best wishes for all your goals in 2008...

I am delighted to have found you.


Heidi Richards, Publisher & Editor in Chief - WE magazine for women

Helaine Smith, DMD said...

Thanks, Heidi!

Anita Campbell said...

Thanks, Helaine, for mentioning my site. And sorry it took me so long to get over here and thank you.

Nice blog -- you're the first blogging dentist I've run into. I've seen blogging physicians (Medpundit) but.... Funny, last time I visited my dentist he was asking me what a blog was. I suspect you are ahead of the trends for the dentistry profession.


Helaine Smith, DMD said...
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Helaine Smith, DMD said...

Thanks for the kind words, Anita.