Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mike Huckabee a Perfect Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry?

While watching Mike Huckabee on TV last night, I noticed with dismay that he is missing his left premolars and molars.

He also has yellow teeth and could use professional whitening.

His smile affects how he talks -- it's obvious he doesn't freely open his mouth and hides or tries to hide his teeth. Due to this, his smile does not match his pleasant personality.

Compare his smile to Mitt Romey's, which is perfectly white and straight -- and shall I say it -- glamorous.

What do you think? Should presidents have perfect (or close to perfect) smiles? Do the condition of people's teeth say something about them? If so, what?


Anonymous said...

He seems to be a very happy and substantive man, in spite of not having a 'glamorous' smile.

The condition of people's teeth do indeed say something about them...largely, whether or not they can afford to see a dentist. Quite a lot of folks in this nation do not have dental insurance, and while they're teeth may be in need of whitening, they are concerned with more important matters.

Helaine Smith, DMD said...

Actually, this topic has come up on a discussion board for dentists. It is important to smile with health and confidence -- especially when you have a high visibility role. Mike Huckabee jogs in order to take care of his phystical health; he should extend the same care to his teeth. If you look at many of photos online, you'll notice he uses a "closed mouth" smile -- which is not a confident look.

Thornhill Dentist said...

Appearance plays a large role on how people perceive you. As a politician, Huckabee should really have presentable teeth.