Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Follow Up to Dental Tourism Post

Philip Boyle, of RevaHealth.com, recently emailed me about my dental tourism podcast.

In his email Philip writes:

I agree entirely that before anyone travels they need to exercise proper due diligence in respect of the dentist and clinic they choose. At RevaHealth.com, we're aiming to provide people with as much information as possible on the topic, as well as an easy way to contact any number of clinics. We're also getting patients who have travelled to provide reviews of their experience that are available for all to see.

We currently deal primarily in the European market, which has standardized ethics codes and freedom of movement for work for dentists within the member countries. People can be fairly sure that the baseline quality of care will be the same between the different member states.

Obviously some dentists and clinics are going to be better than others, and as such it is up to the person looking to travel to do their homework in that regard, but having this common baseline does remove a certain amount of the fear/uncertainty/doubt that an EU resident travelling to another EU country might have.

Be sure to check out RevaHealth.com, a resource site for anyone looking for a medical professional anywhere in the world. It's full of great information, including a dental tourism guide and a dental savings calculator.

And thanks for listening, Philip!

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