Monday, May 12, 2008

New Drug Eliminates Effects of Local Anesthesia

Hate feeling like your lip or tongue is about five sizes too big once you've been subjected to anesthesia?

According to today's New York Times, Novalar Pharmaceuticals, a small drug company, has won FDA approval to market a new drug that dispels the effects of local anesthesia.

According to the Times article, the new drug, called OraVerse, "cut the median time it took for full sensation to return to the lips by about 75 to 85 minutes, or by more than half."

The drug seems easy to use -- after the dentist has completed a procedure, "he or she injects OraVerse into the same spot where the anesthetic had been injected."

This is just another way that dental technology is making dental dentists less stressful and more pain-free for patients!

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