Friday, May 16, 2008

NBC's Brian Williams Does Not "Get" Importance of Oral Health

I watched the video below in stunned amazement.

NBC's Brian Williams received dental floss in response to an ongoing debate about the connection between Alzheimer's Disease and periodontal disease.

He sacrastically reports that this connection lacks any type of "medical underpinnings."

So NBC's healthcast reporter actually provides him with the information based on a study of 20,000 identical twins.

Williams response is more sarcasm -- causing TV news reporter Sue Simmons to fall off her chair in dramatic disgust.

What stunned me? Brian's reaction to medical evidence!

Like many people, he simply does not understand how your oral health affects your entire body!


Porter said...

I got surprise to know that oral problem can effect entire body and also stunned to hear that there exists a strong connection in between Alzheimer's and Period.

Donna RDH said...

As a registered dental hygienist I am fully aware of the mouth-body connection. Inflammation of the gums is linked not only to Alzheimer's but also to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pancreatic cancer, and a long growing list of systemic diseases. Bacteria from the mouth has even been found in arterial plaques. Sadly, most people are unaware that thorough removal of plaque biofilm from their mouths is directly related to their overall health. I hope Mr. William's RDH has a nice educational appointment with him next time he visits the dentist office. Ask your dental hygienist how you can better control inflammation.