Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Write a poem about your colonoscopy -- win $500

Next month (April) is oral health month, but so far, I haven't seen much in the local media about the importance of one's oral health.

HOWEVER!! The state of one's colon is big news -- especially given the fact that March is national colorectal month.

I watched the Today show the other day and Kathie Lee reported that a group of 46 gastroenterologists from Florida are giving away $500 dollars to the person who writes the best poem about their colonoscopy.

The GI docs are calling this the "Bottom Line Poetry Contest." Clever!

Apparently, colonoscopy poetry is a hot topic -- you can find over 69,000 entries in Google for the search phrase "colonoscopy poem."

Personally, I think the GI doctors could have awarded a larger prize.

Another physician group is flying a contest winner to New York for a stay in a luxury hotel before he/she has the colonoscopy procedure done.

A luxurious colonoscopy. Clearly, oral health has nothing on rectal health!

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