Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Dental Team Celebrates Success

This time last year it was myself and Mary, my office manager, in our Boston cosmetic dentistry office.

It used to be very quiet . . . but not anymore! That's because we had lots of changes in the last year, including:

>> Hiring Dr. Carlos Abboud, one of the premier periodontal specialists in the U.S.

>> Opening a new family dental practice in Dedham.

>> Hiring hygienists to help with routine cleanings in the Boston office. We also hired an RN, who started last week, to oversee IV sedation with Dr. Abboud, who uses this technique when performing periodontal and cosmetic surgery for our patients.

Having Dr. Abboud means we are now a full-service cosmetic dentistry practice that can perform full mouth reconstructive and periodontal plastic surgery procedures, including bone grafting, gum grafting, mini dental implants, and gum enhancement.

Due to all these exciting changes, we now have fourteen employees! Wow! Some days I can't believe it.

To celebrate our success, we spent one evening last week at F1 Boston racing go karts. My good friend of many years, Frank, beat all of us. Dr. Abboud ran a close second.

The picture is of me holding the victory flag. It's been a wonderful year!

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