Friday, August 22, 2008

Demonstration of Comfort Control Syringe

A commentator on one of my YouTube videos asked that I create a video demonstrating the Comfort Control Syringe -- which is a tool I use to give painless dental injections.

So I did!

I enjoy making these videos, so if you'd like see something demonstrated or have a question about a dental procedure, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

One more gadget again. I have so many usless tools in my drawers. A topical for 1 min followed by a slow injection with the classical sst syringe, using a carpule at body temrature is fair enough to provide a painless injection.
Dr Elie Victor DDS
Cerec 3 certified user

Helaine Smith, DMD said...

Dr. Victor,

I challenge you to try the Comfort Control Syringe. I am sure the Dentsply Caulk rep will loan you one for a month.

First it does not look like a needle so patients are unaware that the needle is coming, and secondly no one can infiltrate as slowly as the pump.

I agree about topical and warm solution. But the most successfully painless injections come from the CCS.

I use it all the time and it sits in my draw concealed and definitely is not collecting dust.

Please try it and let me know.