Monday, November 26, 2007

Magnolia Bark Extract Helps Fight Tooth Decay

Magnolia-flavored toothpaste, mints, and chewing gum might become on store shelves someday. According to research cited in the November 2007 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, mints laced with magnolia bark extract kill 20 times more bacteria than regular mints. The extract could help fight tooth decay and bad breath.

Currently Colgate toothpaste has an ingredient Tricolsan that acts as a bactericidal agent. There has been significant research by Colgate-Palmolive company for years that proves their toothpaste is effective in controlling oral inflammation due to bacteria. Colgate set the standard for toothpaste to be more than just a way to freshen breath.

Up until its release over ten years ago, no toothpaste had an effect on oral health as Colgate Total does. Last year Crest finally came out with Crest ProHealth. These two toothpaste's are the only products that really make a difference with regard to oral health.

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